Join our Minecraft Server!

Why Us?

Embrace Total Freedom!

Discover the exciting features of our alcohol and video game gallery.

No Rules!

Exercise freedom and get the best out of your experience. Freedom doesn't come without consequence however, you do have the freedom to be a prick and make everyone hate you. I would advise against that.

Optimized Server Software and Powerful Hardware!

Your experience on our server is lag-free with regular maintenance. We don't use Minecraft server hosting providers, we host on a high-powered, expensive VPS.

The Best Vibes!

Our members are always up for vibes. Don't be discouraged, we are always excited to talk to new people. No cliques here, just vibes.

No Admins!

We prefer everyone to be on a level playing field to prevent cringe. We're here to interact rather than wield power over each other.

Common questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
How do I connect? Just type the URL of our website ( into your Minecraft client to join.
What version of Minecraft will be played? We only support the latest Java versions of Minecraft. We play the real version, none of that fake shit cuh.
What makes your server stand out? We like to do things the old fashioned way. Remember when you and your mates would get together on your own server and... just game? Not thousands of players, not hundreds of plugins / mods, no moderation, no bullshit? Our servers will make you feel truly at home rather than inside a busy corporate hub.
Does freedom mean I can't complain? Of course not. Please bring any issues or criticisms to our attention so we can improve. Be aware that there is a fine line between expressing concerns about genuine issues and being a Karen. If your complaint shows us that you disregard what Big Boys is about, you could be deemed not worthy and subsequently "voted off the island".